Fae Skirt - Retro blue
Fae Skirt - Retro blue

Jinx the Label

Fae Skirt - Retro blue

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this is our sister skirt to the sunny rose skirt, it is exactly the same design and fit except without the frill.Refer to the sunny rose skirt for more images to see the way it falls so beautifully, again so much fabric hides all the bumps and stuff and you can pull it in under the bust or at waist up to you, so versatile and so comfy X

Size . waist flat/waist stretched. Length

Xs  66cms/ 106cms. 88cmsL

S  68cms/110cms 90cmsL

M 70cms/114cms 92cmsL

L 74cms/118cms 94cmsL

XL 80cms/130cms 100cmsL

2XL 82cms/ 140cms 100cmsL

3XL 86cms/148cms 102cmsL

4XL 92cms/152cms 106cmsL


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